Hi! We are Suzanne (61) and Peter (62) of Sunset Satisfaction. We enjoy sex and the opportunity to use toys to enhance our pleasure. We know at our age that all sorts of issues arise that may lead to challenges when having sex – erectile dysfunction, vaginitis, dryness, loss of libido etc. We started a podcast Sex Advice for Seniors and then a TikTok channel to discuss these issues among many others.

Starting a sex toy shop seemed the logical next step!

As you know, age need not diminish our desires and needs. You now have more time to pamper yourself, and to find out who you really are and what you want. Sunset Satisfaction is dedicated to making your later years as pleasurable as possible, and to providing you with all the things that are now available to help with that pleasure. From the simplest vibrator through to the most sophisticated accessories we give you access to the best toys, lubes and equipment on the market.

Take pleasure where you can, with Sunset Satisfaction!

Sunset Satisfaction
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